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The cuisine

Bed & Breakfast Le Rondini, in response to the constant requests from its guests, has decided to also offer the Half Board service. This choice stems from the desire to improve the services offered and to meet the needs of our guests to make them feel more “at home”. With this in mind, we offer a rich breakfast buffet, which includes cakes, plumcakes, biscuits, strudel and delicious jams made with our seasonal fruit

The dining room, heart of the house, is a room lit by a large window overlooking the green garden; a rustic atmosphere where our guests enjoy, sitting at the table, the style that distinguishes us. We offer a rich typical menu, with samples of Brescian home-made tradition cuisine , not excluding the classics of Mediterranean cuisine.

“Upon request the kitchen is available for lunches and dinners”



Seasons, availability of the vegetables and local producers provide for our dishes. All the ingredients come from our lands, they are selected and cooked to become delicious jams, cakes, biscuits, fresh pasta, sauces and our special Vov, which comes directly from the eggs of our hens.Our products are good as, they are homemade, traditional processing methods, with attention to the raw materials and intolerances of our customers.

Our products are as good as they used to be, homemade using traditional processing methods, with attention to the raw materials and intolerances of our customers.

Campagna amica nel piatto

campagna amica

Le Rondini, sharing the philosophy of Coldiretti, increased its “sustainable” commitment by adhering to the national initiative of “Campagna Amica nel piatto” aimed to the development of a new consumption model that promotes sustainable and responsible food styles that are convenient for the environment, for consumers, for agricultural producers and for the biodiversity of true traditional cuisine.

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The manifesto of taste



We adapt the cuisine to the closest and most available ingredients, trying to prevent that globalization eliminates the seasons of the year, adapting to the products offered by our land in every season.



Consuming local products is synonymous with health: the products, transported for many kilometres, suffer sudden changes in temperature, with the consequent loss of quality.


Made in Italy

We focus on local food to encourage Made in Italy, to reduce transport costs which affect ecology, and we support small local farmers.