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The Rondini Foresteria Lombarda, an ancient country house completely renovated, is located in the Brescian Plain, an entirely flat area located at the south of the city of Brescia, from which it takes its name, bordered to the east by the morainic hills of Garda Lake and to the west by Franciacorta and from Iseo Lake.

Located 500 m from the center of the village of Bagnolo Mella in via Borgo 3 and only 12 km from Brescia, close to the Brescia Sud and Manerbio motorway toll booths, and halfway between Val Sabbia mountains and Garda Lake.

The industrial and commercial fabric of Brescia offers numerous ways of communication that allow you to reach all the places of greatest interest in a short time, not least the new city metro line.

The Rondini Foresteria Lombarda, offers hospitality to those travelling both for work and tourism in its 6 rooms, with care into detail and equipped with private bathroom, linens, hair dryer, air conditioning, TV and wi-fi; the international breakfast does not exclude tastings of the Brescia tradition.

Home cooking with only the highest quality ingredients and raw materials purchased from local producers following the season, in order to guarantee authentic and genuine flavors as we like and as nature like.



The Bed & Breakfast Le Rondini is located 500 m from the centre of the village of Bagnolo Mella, just 12 km from Brescia, as well as halfway between the mountains of Val Sabbia and Garda Lake. The structure in which the Bed & Breakfast rooms are also inserted is an ancient country house completely renovated in which guests can stay in a warm and cozy environment.

The original construction of Cascina Penna dates back to the 1600s when the Counts Penna, noble landowners from Brescia, made it their home. The land of the estate guaranteed work to numerous families of labourers who have always animated the rural building over the centuries while maintaining the agricultural function to which it was inspired.

Several times underwent several changes of ownership and subdivisions, the main part of the building was purchased in 1974, for the sole purpose of living, by the Olivari family. From then until today, our family is supporting an important work of restructuring that, implemented in harmony and respecting the natural and urban context in which the building is located, has given greater emphasis to the beautiful qualities of the country house enriching it with wood, stone, marble and terracotta works. All this, combined with the friendliness of the owners, makes Le Rondini Bed & Breakfast an ideal place to get to know, in the quiet and simplicity, the unexpected beauty of the Brescian plain.

The vegetable garden

The products of our kitchen come from our vegetable garden, where we grow seasonal fruits and vegetables, using natural methods without the use of chemical or organic fertilizers. The few treatments we carry out come from natural derivatives, allowed in organic farming, thus maintaining the ancient habit of cultivating at zero-mileage, so as not to renounce the genuineness of healthy and controlled foods. Our vegetables are harvested during the day to ensure a fresh and nutritious product, we also follow each stage of production: we select the seeds, we take care of the growth of young seedlings, we monitor carefully the development of the fruits until their harvest.


Our garden is the secret ingredient of our recipes, it was born from our love and respect for nature, we use our products when they are at their most nutritional properties, we select them and serve them to our guests. In our outdoor garden, respecting their biological cycle, we raise chickens and hens. Thanks to a natural and not forced feeding, our garments give even the most inexperienced palates the taste of the free-range earth.

We reproduce the garden as a philosophy of life, our healthy method to recover the right relationship with nature. We firmly believe that using local seasonal products is a healthy, intelligent and ecological act. We believe that buying “local” is an act of solidarity because it means contributing to the development of an economy of our territory, of which we are protagonists in first person, creating a general well-being that is good for everyone.


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